Lion Square

Lion Square aka Sư Tử 狮头城 is located on west side of Beltway, between Brays Bayou and Wilcrest Drive

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10782-C Bellaire Kim Anh Insurance Yelp | Google | Website

10782-B Bellaire Faith Com Grill MK Yelp | Google | Website

10782-B Bellaire Dentist

10786-B Bellaire AP Insurance & Tax Yelp | Google

10786-C Bellaire Bellaire Chiropractic Clinic Yelp | Google

10786-D Bellaire Bellaire Home Health Care Yelp | Google

10788 Bellaire (vacant)

10790 Bellaire Kpot Korean BBQ & Hot Pot Yelp | Google | Website (coming soon)

10792-A Bellaire Thuan Kieu Com Tam Yelp | Google

10792-D Bellaire America's Choice Childcare Center - Bellaire Yelp | Google | Website

10796-A Bellaire (unknown)

10796-B Bellaire Sam's Nail Supply Yelp | Google | Website

10796-B Bellaire Crown Seafood Restaurant 金冠 Yelp | Google | Website

10800-B Bellaire Pho Tran Yelp | Google

10800-C Bellaire Amerigroup

10800-E Bellaire Kangen Water World Center Yelp | Google | Website

10800-F Bellaire HaNoi Quan Yelp | Google

10800-G Bellaire Hank's Cajun Crawfish Yelp | Google | Website

10800-H Bellaire Global Salon Yelp | Google

10800-J Bellaire Tu Do Cargo Yelp | Google

10780 Bellaire Pho Ngon Yelp | Google | Website

10830 Bellaire Apple Dentist Yelp | Google | Website

10804-A Bellaire V Salon Spa Yelp | Google

10804-B Bellaire (vacant)

10804-C Bellaire Merryland Bakery 美而廉 Yelp | Google

10804-D Bellaire LZ Foot Spa Yelp | Google

10804-F Bellaire Quan Yin Vegan Restaurant Yelp | Google | Website

10804-H Bellaire Druken Lobster Yelp | Google | Website

10804-G Bellaire Ten Yen Tea & Herbs Yelp | Google | Website

6791 Wilcrest Duy Sandwich Yelp | Google | Website

6795 Wilcrest Royal Bida & Sport Yelp | Google

6787-B Wilcrest Sunshine Massage and Foot Relax 阳光 Yelp | Google

6787-A Wilcrest Contego Spa Designs Yelp | Google | Website

Updated 10/11/22