Sunday, August 27, 2023

Foodie Adventure KoreatownHTX Edition

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at Kim Shabu, Oak Village Shopping Center, Spring Branch

Let's meet up for Korean-Style AYCE Shabu in Spring Branch. Did you know there is a Koreatown in Spring Brank area of Houston? So many Korean restaurants and shops over here.

The event is based on my former Chinatown Crawl meetup style as you will dine, dessert and shop in one stop. Dine and Dessert at Kim Shabu. After the meal, we can drive to nearby H-mart on Blalock to do some shopping.

UYE = Unofficial Yelp Event = You pay what you consume

RSVP is required. Confirmation via email/IM will count your attendance. Maximum 20 people.

Sunday, April 30, 2023

National Boba Tea Day Celebration UYE

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at Go Go Ice, DiHo Square

Let's meet up for a Boba Tea and dessert crawl at DiHo Square. We meet at Go Go Ice at 1 pm and let the group decide where we go for desserts.

Prior to boba tea, you can have lunch at Ryuramen, Kuen Noodle House, Shanghai Restaurant, Honey Pig, Malubianbian, Pine Forest Vegan Restaurant or any restaurant of your choice on your own. Then, walk over to Go Go Ice for boba tea.

Then, we can decide where you want to go try other dessert shops at DiHo Square. 

There are 4 dessert joints:

Three Uncles Toast

Tapioca House

The Artisan 360 (tea only no boba)

Nikko's Cheesecakes (tea only no boba)

UYE = Unofficial Yelp Event = You pay what you consume

RSVP is preferred but not required. This event has a 2-hour limit due to the new parking rule at the mall.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Seafood in U - Chinatown Crawl UYE

at Gao's Crab, Sterling Plaza

Month of R is finally here. This UYE marks my first quarter Chinatown Crawl foodie meetup event. I have not decided if we can crawl after seafood. But you get to decide what to do after eating. Seafood is in. What's in U? Bring your appetite & $40 for AYCE seafood. Other menu items are also available at a la carte prices. You pay what you consume as Unofficial Yelp Event.

RSVP is preferred but not required. Mild to spicy to volcano. Wow, that's hot! 

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"Thank you so much to Lou C. and the team at Kuen Noodle House for being amazing hosts."

Van N

Asian Foodcation Kickoff Event 2022