Saturday October 16 2021

Support Chinatown with #GoPandaGo Meetup Event at Sterling Plaza 

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Join us at Support Chinatown with Panda! #GoPandaGo in 2021. This is a Scavenger Hunt in the style of Chinatown Crawl. This is also our 2nd year partnering with Houston Metro Go Texans Committee Alief Southwest Subcommittee to promote East Meets Western Dinner, Dance & Auction Event.

Due to CoVid-19 pandemic, we took a long break from in-person Chinatown Crawl events. This is going to be a self-guided event. Your task is to participate in a scavenger hunt, compose your photos collage and post it on Facebook and/or Instagram. Make sure you tag @ChinatownCrawlHTX

The most important part of Oct 16's Chinatown Crawl is the Charity Dinner at Jasmine Asian Cuisine Restaurant, if you are playing the scavenger hunt. First 5 people completed with required items will receive a complimentary movie pass to AMC Theaters (retail value at $15) when you complete ALL of the following 5 required items (on reverse order):

5- Take a selfie holding your ticket to East Meets Western Dinner, Dance & Auction Event with someone wearing cowboy hat at Jasmine Asian Cuisine Restaurant. ($50)

4- Take a picture with a panda. ($0)

3- Take a picture with an Asian drink, like boba tea or bottled beverage from Hmart. ($10)

2- Take a picture with an Asian pastry at the mall. ($5)

1- Take a picture to show you arrived at Sterling Square, Sterling Plaza or Sterling Greatland Center. ($0)

Everyone participating in this event will be entered for a raffle drawing of $25 gift card to Panda Express.

You must purchase the dinner $50 prior to Thursday, Oct 14 (website may stop selling) secure.rodeohouston.com/…

You can still enjoy the Saturday afternoon at Sterling Plaza, if you choose to tour around the mall without the 6-course meal event.

Event Objective:

This is a co-op event to promote Houston Metro Go Texans Committee Alief Southwest Subcommittee. The goal of this group is to bring Alief residents to attend Houston Rodeo. Proceeds of this event is to fund scholarship in Alief/Southwest Houston area.


Dinner is $50 via Houston Metro Go Texan Alief/Southwest Dinner Dance Web site

List of Dessert Restaurants at Sterling Plaza Area:

Family-style 6-course dinner menu: TBA

Dinner is not required for the crawl.

You can download the map for self-guided tour at visit.chinatownhtx.com (starting Oct 1).

more info to come... including create your Go Panda Go Scavenger Hunt in your town!

Check out last year's festivities at yelp.com/biz/year-of-the… 


Important Safety Information: If you feel sick, have a fever, have tested positive for COVID-19 and have not fully recovered, have been tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting your test results, or have been in contact with someone that tested positive for or exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days, we ask that you do not go to the businesses. Masks may not be required. 

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