2017 Q1 - Hotpot Year of the Rooster UYE @ 75 Yummy Kitchen (February) - 16 guests experienced Sheep Scorpion style hotpot from Beijing and enjoyed creative rooster cake by Olympic Chinese Bakery.

2017 Q2 - Asian Heritage Month (May) - 25 guests experienced cuisines in different regions of China and famous skewers at UYE: Asian Heritage Celebration @ Xinjiang BBQ.

2017 Q3 - Time for Taiwan UYE at Tainan Bistro (August) - Celebrating annual Time for Taiwan Restaurant Month, 18 guests tasted Taiwanese dishes and Taiwanese tea samples.

"Lou explained what everything was. He even had pamphlets for everyone about Asian Heritage Month! Thank you Lou for your knowledge and selection of food!"

Wendy W

Asian Heritage Celebration 2017