2016 Q2 - Asian Heritage Month (May) - 18 guests enjoyed the evening to experience shopping, dining and having dessert at Dun Huang Plaza. Check out the excitements at UYE: Asian Heritage Celebration @ Strings Noodle.

2016 Q3 - Time for Taiwan (August) - 20 guests enjoyed the evening to experience Taiwanese dinner, Taiwanese bakery and Taiwanese desserts at Time for Taiwan UYE @ Lai Lai Dumpling House.

2016 Q4 - Night Market Tapas (December) - 16 crawlers experienced night market style tapas on the street of Sichuan, Hubei and Hong Kong. We crawled 4 places during UYE: Night Market Tapas @ Metropole Center.

"New experiences are always great and Lou C knows how to organize a great UYE!"

Alan S

Night Market Tapas 2016